St. Louis is a burgeoning food seen. It has a rich history of culinary delights and is home to some great hospitality venues. The mix of the Midwestern welcome mat and rugged individualism are found in front/back of the house operations all over our scene. This space is reserved for a discussion of everything in our food and beverage world. We will follow events and discuss menus. If we’re lucky we will even have the opportunity to visit early producers in the supply chain, visit some other cities, and review trends.

Because it is possible that the locations of many great hospitality hot spots will change I will use some local jargon to help familiarize you to where the good stuff is. I hope you become familiar with neighborhoods like South Grand, The Grove and Tower Grove where there are some great spots.

Sometimes it will be difficult to give you an idea of where to find places without referring to the current city where they are located. In two years, that place may not exist, but the restaurant may remain.

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