Hello everyone, I'm Jonathan Boesch from St. Louis, MO. In the past two decades, I have enjoyed bouncing back and forth between political and hospitality gigs. I have been a line cook and a bartender who put together an award-winning menu. And, I have have been a public policy advisor and field organizer to many successful projects. I look forward to this being an excellent forum for constructive conversation. All content is written by me and reflects my opinions. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of anyone associated with me, including those who I work on behalf. In this space, we will follow a model where I discuss issues of politics and policy. And then address similar problems in the hospitality industry. This includes the entire supply chain of hospitality as an economic ecosystem. Finally, each week I will analyse topics and present other views. I hope to make each discussion relevant to not only your life but to broader concept and debates raging today.

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